Teamwork is essential for the successful execution of a project. Hence, a project manager has to have the right skills in promoting team work and keeping the morale of the team healthy at all time. Lack of teamwork can adversely affect the performance of the team and might reduce the morale to work. This will ultimately affect the execution of the project, may delay it or completely derail it, because in a conflictual work environment, there will undoubtedly be high rate of confusion, absenteeism, disengagement and lot of such behaviors.

Hence, it is important to understand that teamwork is the most dominant aspect of project execution. This also asks a project manager to upgrade his management skills on a continuous basis and be a mentor to the team while executing a project. This will ensure that the project team works more, faster, and maintain or increase the quality of the execution of the project. Some of the ways to ensure a strong teamwork while executing a project are discussed below.

Carry the team along in making decisions on the processes

Carrying the team along when making important decisions on the project is very important. When the team is involved, it will give them a sense of ownership and responsibility to complete the individual task assigned to them. Involve the team to various degrees by asking for their opinion about what tasks will need to be completed to meet the objectives of the project, the time they think it might take, what problem may arise and how you can plan for them.

Make communications on the project status update as easy as possible

The primary job of your team members is to complete the project with an outstanding quality. However, part of their job is also to communicate the status of their work. This is critical as decisions need to be made based on the project’s current status. Critical questions about the progress of the project can be asked through appropriate project status report, and this is only as good as the status that each individual provides.

Hold Regular Meetings

Holding regular team meeting can be a valuable tool in evaluating the performance of the team. Poor planning of the meeting will make it a bad and futile experience. You can make sure the meetings go well by keeping it short, ensuring that the right decision makers are at the meeting and by having a definite agenda.

Spend time out with the team

Developing a good relationship with the team will lead to improved efficiency and productivity. Spending time together with the team members will get them to communicate well with each other, respect each other and even like each other, and they will work better together and improve their overall performance. Go out and do something fun together!

Other methods of promoting teamwork between the team include: celebrating achievements, dealing with failures head-on, encouraging team input, empowering great decision makers, and others.


Though improving the performance of a project team can be a very tough task, being able to do it will lead to noticeable long and short term results. Since improving the performance of your project team increases to a great extent, the chances of successful completion of your projects, teamwork is unequivocally the most dominant aspect of successful project execution.

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