Teamwork is essential for the successful execution of a project. Hence, a project manager has to have the right skills in promoting team work and keeping the morale of the team healthy at all time. Lack of teamwork can adversely affect the performance of the team and might reduce the morale to work. This will ultimately affect the... more →
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Key Elements of Project Execution and Control

Project execution (or implementation) is the stage in which the outlined plan in the prior phases of the project span is carried out without hesitation. The reason for project execution is to convey the project expected results (deliverable and other direct yields). Regularly, this is the longest period of the project management... more →
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Project Execution In A Nutshell

A project is an exercise done once and varies in duration. It is carried out to meet the specific need of an organization, which may be to provide a service, create a product or even to change the process of a business. Execution of a project involves tracking and managing the project. At the start of the project is the use of a... more →
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