We often hear or read about various success stories. But what is success and what criteria should organizations use to identify success? What factors lead to a successful project? And most importantly, what are the benefits of evaluating the success of your project from time to time?   One of the vaguest concepts of project... more →
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Differentiating the role of a product manager from that of a project manager can be challenging. They are both managerial jobs and sound similar. Nevertheless, there is a clear distinction between the two. To comprehend the differences, it is important to start by defining them.   Meaning of product and project In the simplest... more →
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Time Management Is The Key To A Successful Project Completion

Time management is the act of planning, controlling and finally executing specific activities, especially to increase efficiency or productivity. It applies to a wide usage area starting from personal time organization and up to business related management. For the best results and highest efficiency, effective time management is... more →
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Stress Management Is Not Only Necessary But Essential

The process of project management can be a huge source of stress for the body. This is why it is essential to lean towards proper stress management. It is an essential step for you to take once you have determined that you are facing stressful situations in your life, irrespective of the cause. It’s been said that there are some... more →
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Dominant Aspects Of Preparing Bids

Winning tenders can lead to a major growth for your company. However, if you are starting and responding to your first offer or experienced in this process, there are some key aspects of the process to take into consideration while preparing the bids. If done right, your company is surely aiming for success.     Understanding... more →
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Effective Budget Planning In Project Management

The importance of budgeting in project management is not really a subject for debate. If you want to have a successful financial plan for your project, then an effective budgeting strategy is more than necessary. With the advent of technology, there is easier intertwining of the different parts of an organization, hence more risk... more →
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A Motivated Team Is The Most Influential Aspect Of Project Management

The ability to guide performance and keep team motivated is one of the essential skills that a project managers must possess. It is sometimes difficult to maintain team motivation because of the rapid changes today. Business has moved from the old bureaucratic incentives to the use of modern day entrepreneurial opportunities to make... more →
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Slowdown in project purging; Government driving Projex Cycle

The latest ProjectsToday Investment Survey indicates that during Apr-Dec 2016, while government dominated the projex cycle, the large scale purging of announced projects slowed down. Central & State government agencies are driving the projex cycle and the trend is expected to continue in the last quarter of FY17 also. Though... more →
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