Teamwork is essential for the successful execution of a project. Hence, a project manager has to have the right skills in promoting team work and keeping the morale of the team healthy at all time. Lack of teamwork can adversely affect the performance of the team and might reduce the morale to work. This will ultimately affect the... more →
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3 Necessary Factors Of A Successful Project

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Why bother on a project if its successful completion doesn’t bring benefits for your organization? The ultimate goal of undertaking a project is to benefit from it. Indicators that determine the level of success of your projects are usually increased customer satisfaction, more profits, higher conversion rate or some other essential... more →
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Learn To Set Smart Goal For Project Execution

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Project management skills, the type that support the effective and excellent delegation of work to members, usually involve the execution of project/assignment. After all, management is the process of getting work done through others. So, when making a decision on how prepared the team is to carry out the job successfully, an important... more →
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