Steps To Achieve Optimum Results From Your Team

After all the stages prior to execution of a project, the execution phase is definitely where the real excitement is. This is where all the hard work put into planning pays off and you can execute the project based on the diligently created plans. It is always a joy to behold when you see your project come together and achieve various milestones.


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You may have to deal with a lot of things in the execution phase, issues such as scope alterations, complications in reaching your intended schedule and budget, complications with team members and sometimes simply situations which come up out of the blue. Most important of all this is to be able to deal with the complications with team members. You need to be able to keep them in line in order to be able to achieve success on your project. Below are steps to follow to achieve optimum results from your team.

Communicate Regularly With Your Team

Communication is one of the things that make a great project manager. Execution of the project is considered the most crucial phase because it puts so many people in action. Hence, you need to step up your game and focus on effective communication between the large amount of people dealing with your project because there will be the largest volume of work being completed during execution.

The nature of your project will determine the best style and volume of communication you need to develop. It could be by meeting face-to-face, telephone, internet or video group meetings. Any way you deem fit to approach this, you need to produce an agenda prior to the meeting and send it out ahead of time. It is very important to keep the channels of communication open so you can continuously advise your team as things progress.

Good communication reinforces the group mentality and supports the concept of buy-in within your team.

Get to Know Your Team Members

Becoming an excellent leader is the way to become one of the best project managers in your organization. Leadership is all about the people and you need to understand and work with this. Ensure you treat your workers as people, and not as resources. Treating them as resources suggests that they are just some inanimate thing to push around and replaced upon desire.

Get to know your team members as individuals, fully grasp their challenges and aim to alleviate these troubles wherever you actually can. Do what you can do in your position as project manager to break-down the road blocks and take away the frustrations for the team and they’re going to most definitely be there for you whenever you need them.

In addition to getting to know your team, carry out team development training. This will help you prepare for unforeseen circumstances with the team members. Do things together, could be something as simple as getting lunch together, just find a common ground to relate off work.

Never Micromanage Your Team

Try to develop a culture of trust and support for the team. Nothing can demotivate a team member as fast as a micromanaging manager. Try to keep away them from the temptation of constantly looking over their shoulder to make sure they’re carrying out the task your way.

In conclusion, establishing and maintaining a good team environment is an extremely important project management step. This is paramount to ensure the successful completion of the project.

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