Effect of Motivation on Employee Dedication and Performance

The effect of motivation on the dedication and performance of employees in an organization is often talked about but not many are paying close attention to it. Although keeping your employees motivated is not always an easy task, it does pay off for you, your customers and the employees when you are able to do that.



Many managers believe that motivating their employees is just about psyching them up to give better performance. This is, however, an old method of continuous supervision and it is mostly wrong. With time, the employees will no longer be appreciative of the pep talks or theatric about the ways in which organization is making the world a better place. They would start wanting something for themselves to mark the successful progression of their carriers. Not paying attention to keeping employees motivated is just like walking in the blind alley and it may end up having a detrimental effect on the organization.

Despite all the difficulties around keeping employees motivated, it is not impossible to do so. The approaches discussed below can help you achieve your aim.

Be positive about situation of things

Confidence, optimism, and pessimism are contagious. Ensure that you always set the mind of your employees on positive expectations rather than failure. Positive expectations are mostly based on reality and it will help improve the outcome of the work delivered. However, if you create a feeling of negative amidst the team, it will result in uncertainty which can impact the dedication and performance of your employees.

Be honest and straight forward

If you want people to be honest with you, you need to show honestly as well. Honesty is essential to keep every little aspect of operation flowing smoothly. If you want people to put in extra time or effort to work, you need to let them see you do the same. Uncertainty leads to insecurity, and when people are insecure, they look to each other for support. As a leader, you need to put yourself in the position where people can trust you to lead them effectively. You need to promote teamwork between the members of the team. By doing so, your employees will stay motivated and work better together to achieve the aim.

Give specific feedback on a job well done

You can motivation by being specific in your feedback. Be specific about what he or she did to deserve been praised. With this, you promote that behavior in the employee which will result to the improved dedication and better performance in the future. Even if the increase in the result is small, it must be noticed, recognized and complimented. Be sincerely thankful for their contribution, appreciate and recognize whenever applicable.

Provide support to your employee when they are dealing with a problem

Instead of persistently blaming your employees for a mistake, try to understand the cause and offer support to provide a solution to the situation. This will give them the freedom to always come to you when they need to rather than doing the work haphazardly. As a mentor, your job is to give guidance and support your employees when they need it. This will help you keep them motivated and in return, they’d be happy and show more dedication to the job, which will be shown through their performance.

Other ways to keep your employees motivated include high wages, improved job security, promotion in the organization, good working conditions, tactful discipline, and interesting work.


If you make your employee feel good about themselves and let them believe you feel good about themselves, they will definitely perform better. Employee motivation starts from within and you need to build it for more dedication and performance.

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