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Feeling young and ready to scale new heights on the 16th Anniversary of ProjectsToday!

16th Anniversary of ProjectsTodayProjectsToday team thanks all its clients and well-wishers on its 16th Anniversary.

On this occassion, I wish all PTians for building a wonderful brand – ProjectsToday!

Shashikat Hegde

Shashikant Hegde, CEO

ProjectsToday was born on 8 September, 2001, to serve those whose business was dependent partially or fully on upcoming project investments. The growth of loyal customers over the years indicates that we have served our basic purpose.

It is their appreciation as well as harsh criticism that has made us what we are today — India’s largest and number one project information providing organisation. Well, we do not want to rest on our past laurels; we want to discover new ways to serve our clients, so that their task of identifying new business opportunities becomes that much easier. We also want to assist government agencies in identifying project investment trends in India and also in executing infrastructure projects in time.

While our clients provided their valuable inputs on how we could better ProjectsToday service in the recently conducted online survey, I requested my colleagues in ProjectsToday to bare their feelings about ProjectsToday. Below we have presented some of them.

As far as I’m concerned, every moment of the last 16 years in ProjectsToday was a memorable one for me. Building a database of this size with over one lakh projects and project tenders, and encompassing the same with relevant information on project orders, news, and statistics was not only a challenging task, but equally exciting!

On this occasion, I would like to thank our clients who not only enforced their faith in ProjectsToday over the years, but also became our guiding force in introducing new features. We aim to continue our efforts to make ProjectsToday the best available Business Companion in India.

~ Shashikant Hegde

Here is how, PTians feel….

Kamal Maheshwari, CFO, Saffron Synergy

Kamal Maheshwari, CFO

“Congratulations ProjectsToday on 16th Anniversary!!

Kudos to the Projects Today team for making it India’s largest database with updated projects information of public sector and private sector across various industries. I am proud to say that ProjectsToday, whcih monitors over 58,000 projects coming up across India is serving the project fraternity by giving them the latest and most authenticate information.

I once again congratulate every member of ProjectsToday family on its 16th anniversary and wish all the best for many more years of success.”

Sanjeev Singh, VP ProjectsToday

Sanjeev Singh

“As ProjectsToday enters 17’th year of its journey, a feeling of pride with a bit nostalgia is churning within me. On the one end I feel contented to have served who’s who of projects fraternity through our service, however on the other end there is a restlessness within to broaden our gamut of offerings for project fraternity so as to have extended partnership with project fraternity. Looking forward for incorporating new innovations in our offerings and touching new horizons for ProjectsToday!!”


Mallika Jain, ProjectsToday

Mallika Jain

“16 year is indeed a long journey with ProjectsToday! I am proud to say that over the years we both have grown. Despite of many challenges, we have made ProjectsToday India’s No.1 brand, wherein one gets everything about a project.

I have a dream to see my company in the Forbes list and I am confident with wonderful people around in ProjectsToday this will be possible.
Congrats to every one in PT.”

Ajay Sahoo Associate Vice President – Marketing

Ajay Sahoo

“ProjectsToday…@ 16 you remain a Teen but @ 12 [Years of my Journey with PT] You made me a Veteran.. It’s not the age it’s the learning and experience I have gained and earned from you to become a veteran. You are extremely powerful in yourself….The world will take little time but realize for sure.

In Journey with you. AJ”

Sanjeev Kumar

Sanjeev Kumar

“It is my great pleasure to be associated with ProjectsToday, which has successfully completed 16 years in the industry. A lot of learning and unlearning, competitive team and a good leadership, a combination of these three, are the pillars of this organization. I wish ProjectsToday many more successful years and hope to add more feathers in our cap”



Dipesh Gangar

“I feel honored to have had the opportunity in my career to speak with a number of high-level business leaders. A positive trend I am hearing from many such leaders is the realization that data is critical to the future growth opportunities of their organization. A common frustration of these leaders, however, is that they feel the lack of an IT team who can support their data-centric vision. We’re seeing the rise of data as a valuable economic commodity in its own right.

It’s an exciting time and it is one of the most rapidly-changing periods in the history of data management, particularly with innovations around. Whichever it is for you, enjoy the journey as you become a catalyst for innovation and success in your organization.”

Rakesh Raula, AM-Digital Media, ProjectsToday

Rakesh Raula

“My association with ProjectsToday is in its 9th year. From a “Research Associate” to a “Lead Digital Media”; the journey was full of learning and expanding my horizon. During this journey, I have also earned a few nick names: Digital Enthusiast, Digital Guy, Shortcut, Confuse, Ghaflebaaz and what not; this inspired me a lot to learn more about digital world. In this period; I failed and I learnt; the mistakes turned into stepping stones in my learning process. In today’s world where people do anything to get ahead of others; here is a company whose culture and environment teaches you to support each other. And last but not the least, the guidance and appreciation of my seniors; the support of my team members and colleagues makes this journey extremely worth.

“I feel that I am not working for a company; I am working with a bunch of good people and good leaders.”

M. Vishwanath

M. Vishwanath

“I do have many memorable moments till date working in ProjectsToday from the day I joined in 2013. It’s always been a good journey with a very friendly & encouraging team.  Either working here with my Bengaluru team, handling the exhibitions along with print division team or meeting everyone at Mumbai once in an year for the AGM, everything has been so happy, exciting & memorable and I look forward for many such moments. Now, on the eve of ProjectsToday 16th Anniversary, I wish everyone a very Happy Anniversary. Let’s celebrate!”

Amrita Sanjanwala, ProjectsToday

Amruta Sanjanwala

“Ten years in ProjectsToday was not only an honor but was a pleasureful journet. PT brought the leader in me into the fore. The company keeps motivating every staff members to bring out the best in him. It made me a responsible individual with strong integrity and passion for work.

Thanks ProjectsToday”


Jyoti Jogale

Jyoti Jogale

“12 Years Journey of seeking confidence and experience of professionalism. Proper guidance, timely feedback from by seniors were the backbone of my success as a researcher in ProjectsToday. This not only enhanced by knowledge but also my confidence to handle greater projects. Most of seniors never remained so, they became lifelong friends.

I would like ProjectsToday to serve more and more government agencies and help them in executing infrastructure projects in time so that the nation can benefit the most.”

Nupoor Rane

Nupoor Rane

“It is an honor and pleasure for me working in ProjectsToday, the best Project-Reseach based company which monitors 58,000 live projects in India. Updating 25,000-28,000 projects on an yearly basis with authentic contact details, interlinking each projects with related tenders, orders & news though a daunting task, we do it with great pleasure. PT is a single point source of opportunities for upcoming business. Congrats to all in PT.”


Jackson Stephan, ProjectsToday

Jackson Stephan

“My 2 years stint in ProjectsToday has helped me develop myself both “personally and professionally”. Compare to my previous experience, this company is amazing. Its a great place for the young and creative minds to apply their skills and knowledge. It was a great experience working with best of the mind in online sales and their company has always kept me on my toes and has inspired me to do better.

I am really happy to be a part of the growing ProjectsToday team. Congratulations to all my colleagues in PT on 16th Anniversary.”

Susanta Roy, ProjectsToday

Susanta Roy

“My hearty congratulations to all members of ProjectsToday on its 16th Anniversary. I joined the team in May 2015. Though the initial period was tough, timely support from my seniors helped me in learning the tricks of collating project information successfully.

I would like to see ProjectsToday providing more services to government departments and also monitoring overseas projects to serve Indian companies who are interested in expanding their business overseas.”


Sujith Kolankara, ProjectsToday

Sujith Kolankara

“It’s wonderful being a part of Projects Today Family. My journey with ProjectsToday began from July – 2014, I have experienced and learnt lot of things in this 2 years journey. As a part of PT family my biggest support was encouragement given to me from my seniors to express my ideas and views without any fear. We work together as a team and keep getting encouragement and support from our leader in both good and bad times.

Cheers for ProjectsToday on completing 16 years journey and I am glad and proud to be a part of this wonderful family, which is growing big and bigger.”


Ekta Kandhari, ProjectsToday

Ekta Kandhari

“Lucky to be  associated with “ProjectsToday”  Good Culture and Great People around me.


Dhananjay Sakpal

Dhananjay Sakpal

“Its my pleasure to be associated with such an esteemed organisation. ProjectsToday a division of ERIL., gave me an opportunity to serve the organisation for almost 12 years since 6 December 2004. Over the period of time I have learnt lots of good things in life and about research from my seniors and colleagues.

ProjectsToday is just not a business platform but serves the nation in “Building India”.

I sincerely thanks ProjectsToday team for their support and guidence. I wish all the success for many more years to come.”

Rajesh Mishra, ProjectsToday

Rajesh Mishra

“I have been working in this organisation since January 2011. I started my career as project information aggregator through company callings. My career got wings, when I was put in charge of project tenders and orders. For the project community both these information were as important as project information.  Along with this, I also dabbled into news, statistics, etc. What I learnt in ProjectsToday is making mistakes in not a sin but part and parcel of your growth.”

Hiren Bawalia, ProjectsToday

Hiren Bawalia

“It has been an amazing experience working with ProjectsToday, In 16 years ProjectsToday has made a mark in the projects fraternity as the most reliable source of information.

Wish ProjectsToday more successful years.”


V. Venkatesh, ProjectsToday

V. Venkatesh

“Great place to work :    When joined ProjectsToday on 25 August , I had vast experience on my side, after spending several years it is throwing me opportunities to innovate new ideas to sharpen data collection skills. My learning process is still on.  I am able to strengthen my communication and data collection  skills.

It is ideal for experienced like me and freshers too. Read my full thought –  It is half glass full and half glass empty! ProjectsToday, As I look at it..

Rakesh Mondol, ProjectsToday

Rakesh Mondol

“Going to complete 4th year in PT and it’s been the most joyful and unforgettable journey of my life in regards to my growth and knowledge. It’s really been an honor to be a part of such a wonderful family called ProjectsToday with the most talented and respected colleagues and seniors. I wish this journey never ends and may PT grow higher than the sky limits. Wishing Happy Anniversary to all PTians, Love u all.”

Priyanka-Netikunta, ProjectsToday

Priyanka Netikunta

“Exciting Ten months Journey in ProjectsToday.

Down to earth colleagues make for a collegial environment.  Independence to build, own and manage processes lets you make what you want of your role. Congratulations on 16 years of wonderful accomplishments.”


Rehan Zaveri, ProjectsToday

Rehan Zaveri

“Projects Today is a life changing work environment!

The employees and management team are very genuine and supportive! The culture is very positive and it is a fun environment. New ideas are encouraged and implemented. Congratulations to US for completing 16 years of success in business.”


Ashish Patil, ProjectsToday

Ashish Patil

  • 18 months…. of journey & many memories .
  • It’s always been a good journey with a enthusiastic colleagues & encouraging team.
  • Fun work place with supportive management, focused on building a great product and a great culture. Strong leadership.
  • I am really happy to be a part of  ProjectsToday!!!!!

Hearty congratulations to us on 16th Anniversary.

Sarfraj-Aliyani, ProjectsToday

Sarfraj Aliyani

Congratulations on the 16th year anniversary and well done to all who have work hard in achieving this accomplishment. Although it’s just over 6 months I have been working with PT, I have seen at first hand why we are the market leader in this field and why we stand out from the crowd.

An excellent work atmosphere with a supportive management team. Kudos to PTians and many more to come.

Nikita-Sawant, ProjectsToday

Nikita Sawant

Happy Sweet 16th!
“Once again we celebrate another year of exciting growth in our company. Our success is not possible without the support of our Clients. 16 years have passed quickly and we are getting stronger every year Return to where I started, thanking all our Customers and Colleague.  Congratulations on completing 16 years of success in business. “


Riya-Bhosle, ProjectsToday

Riya Bhosle

It is a pleasure working with ProjectsToday !!! Great atmosphere and associated with good people..

Amritpal-Singh, ProjectsToday

Amritpal Singh

Congratulations to all PT colleagues on the 16th Anniversary and best of luck for the upcoming years.



Special Project Team Says!

ProjectsToday Special Project Team

PT Special Project Team

We had a wonderful experience over the last couple of years in learning the different facets of project execution in India. From conception to completion it is a wonderful journey worth monitoring and highly educative. We dream of building a database of carrying all those information, which our users look for.

Projects Update Team Says!

ProjectsToday Project Update Team

PT Project Update Team

Its been pleasure & fortunate to work with ProjectsToday. Over the years gained knowledge of various sectors, industries, project parameters etc. Our achievement is updating more and more projects of clients use and hunt for more. Proper guidance, timely feedback by seniors helped us to enhance our knowledge to handle such a huge database.

We learned working together; supporting each other; sharing knowledge so that we meet our goals and serve our subscribers well. We are confident that ProjectsToday will grow stronger in the years to come.